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Championing the opportunities a digitally enabled construction sector can secure.


'Increasing the take up of digital technology with a focus on SMEs.’

Working Group

John McKinney
Build UK
Lynsey Brydson

Working Group Initiatives

Listed below are the key initiatives being taken forward by the Digital Working Group.

Review and gain consensus to proceed with delivering the actions set out in the digital strategy for SMEs.

Milestones and key dates
  • Q1 2024
Progress: Completed

Establish a one stop shop digital skills hub which brings together content from multiple sources into one easily accessible area.

Milestones and key dates
  • Q2, 2024
Progress: Underway

Scope the opportunities for digital strategy to enhance and support a culture of health and safety within the built environment.

Milestones and key dates
  • Q4, 2024
Progress: Underway

Participate in the transformation

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