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Improving Outcomes

A programme of work that is committed to deliver improved outcomes for our construction sector

Improving construction outcomes

In October 2022, the Construction Leadership Forum (CLF) published the Scottish Construction Accord.

The Accord establishes a dynamic collaboration for all the Scottish public sector and the whole of the construction industry to improve outcomes.

At its heart is a Transformation Action Plan that is being developed by representatives from across the construction sector under the direction of the Transformation Board (co-chaired by Peter Reekie, CEO of the Scottish Futures Trust and Morag Angus, Chief Surveyor at the Scottish Government).

The Transformation Action Plan is a dynamic and live programme of initiatives, underpinned by a communication programme to help improve the sector.

The Action Plan delivers on the 12 outcomes set out in the Construction Accord, for businesses and the economy, for those working in the sector, for customers and users and for Scotland’s environment and its communities.

Those outcomes are listed below:

  1. We have successful, commercially sustainable and profitable construction and related businesses which are anchored in Scotland, forming local supply chains.
  2. Our construction sector businesses are incentivised to innovate and invest in people to grow local economic benefit and create export opportunities.
  3. We are a productive industry contributing to inclusive economic and green growth.
  4. We are a digitally enabled industry, confident and skilled in using modern methods of construction.
  5. We provide high quality and fair work for everybody working in the sector and look after their physical and mental health, safety and wellbeing.
  6. We have a diverse workforce and pipeline of talent with capacity and competency fit for current and future industry needs.
  7. Our sector is attractive to a diverse range of new entrants to the workforce.
  8. We maintain high standards of design to enhance Scotland’s places, delivering works, products and services that are regulatory and specification compliant, and which maximise whole life-cycle value for money.
  9. We have a sustainable quality culture fit for a safety-critical industry.
  10. We are on a just transition pathway to being net zero in embodied carbon, industry operations and over the lifecycles of the assets we create, enhance, repair, and manage.
  11. We use natural resources sustainably and are a key part of a circular economy.
  12. We are fully engaged with and contribute value to the communities in which we operate.

The progress the Working Groups make can be seen by clicking on the Working Groups tab above.