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Terms and conditions

By becoming a participant in the implementation of Construction Accord your organisation commits to:

  • Support the shared vision set out in the Accord
  • Contribute expertise and resources when required to drive forward the outcomes set out in the Accord
  • Act as an ambassador to raise the profile of construction Accord objectives and its achievements
  • The Principles of the agreement to participate within the Construction Accord are outlines on pages 11 & 12

In addition to the commitments above, participation roles may extend to:

  • Membership of Working Groups - An individual from an organisation can request to become actively involved in a Transformation Plan Working Group of their chosen interest, or
  • Membership of the Short-Life Working Groups - A nominated individual from a organisation can request to become actively involved in dealing with specific topics/consultations/solutions arising from Working Groups

Participatory organisations are encouraged to support and endorse the Accord and the Transformation Plan through a range of activities including press events and social media.

To confirm your organisation's request to participate, please complete and submit the form and the Accord team will be in touch.

Participation is voluntary. Individuals from participating organisations are expected to inform to the Chair of the Transformation Board about any conflict of interests arising at any point during their participation in the Accord implementation.